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Wealthy Habits -Tim Emini-DeAndre Carter-

Marketing coordinator

Alban   Ajroja

Alban Ajroja- Alban is the Marketing Coordinator of Wealthy Habits. The role of this man is to promote the business as a whole; anywhere from social media and the crew's website, all the way to merchandising. He also helps the growth of their popularity by putting together marketing plans and campaigns. But that's not all. He also stays busy managing marketing content, which includes website material and flyers, to ensure it is current.
You can search, but you'll never find a harder working human being than Wealthy Habit's personal Marketing Coordinator. When it comes down to business, this man puts in 110% effort. On Mr. Ajroja's days off, you'll catch him cruising though the Streets of Woodfield in his eye-catching, lime green Subaru Sti. This might not be the coolest trait to withhold, but Alban is the funniest and most talented Snapchatter in the Midwest. Away from that subject, this business man brings the whole crew together as a family and includes everyone in new marketing ideas. If this man was pocket-size, you'd be foolish not to carry him around everywhere you went.