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Angie DeStefano

Bears Song

I have not met a woman yet as strong willed and motivated as Angie DeStefano. She is a force to be reckoned with in the emerging entertainment world. Her works include covers, videos and photography. Our group was first introduced to Angie on Facebook. We saw she had a great amount of fans and wanted to see what the buzz was about for ourselves. Besides seeing a beautiful girl we came to realize this girl had more than looks! Angie has made covers too many songs, she has a unique and distinctive voice. She has been singing for many years, anytime I hear her covers I can feel how natural it comes to her. We love that she includes her dog Rex in her videos, it’s something we look forward to. Honestly Rex isn’t a bad singer himself. Angie is an upcoming artist and is not signed to any label. She is currently making more music and has made her own mixes to benefit her home town sports team, the Chicago Bears. Wealthy Habits Entertainment hopes to have a track featuring the notorious Angie Destefano someday soon. Be sure to add her on Facebook and stay up to date with her work. 

Wealthy Habits Entertainment