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Wealthy Habits -Tim Emini-DeAndre Carter-

COnnor cordone

 Connor Cordone- Connor is the promotions manager of Wealthy Habits.  He possesses a wide range of experience in promoting latest news and music of the Wealthy Habits crew. His main role in the group is to promote new or upcoming music, as well as expanding sales of merchandise. Overtime, he has given Wealthy Habits and extraordinary boost in local recognition, along with adding multiple fans to their base of supporters. On top of that, he is the designer of Wealthy Habits's distinguishable logo, which is worn and represented by hundreds of supporters.
When upcoming music or hoodie sales need to be announced to the public, Connor gets this job done without being asked twice. It's nearly impossible to stay mad at this kid. You couldn't find a friendlier human being in the northwest suburbs if you tried. Along with being liked by thousands of people, his social networking game is always on point. On top of that, his stunning looks grabs the attention of plenty females, or maybe it's his slick Nissan 350z. Regardless, Wealthy Habits Entertainment sticks together with the exponential help of this guy. Wealthy Habits wouldn't be where they are without this go-getter.