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Teddy   Michaels

Teddy Michaels 

Red Lipstick

Teddy Michaels, a talented pop artist out of Bellwood, Illinois, can very likely be the next singing sensation out of the Chicagoland area.  Teddy is a maker of his own musical world. From the moment you take a step into his music world, it is apparent that he lives for his music.  Being an artist came naturally for Teddy after his hit single, ‘Red Lipstick’.  This song is guaranteed to give you chills and make you want to hear more.  Many videos can be found on YouTube of multiple fans covering or dancing to his hit songs.  Teddy isn’t only listened to by locals, but across the nation, and even by fans from other countries!  Having accomplished more than the average, Teddy was a threatening contestant on the famous show ‘X Factor’. Surprisingly, this unique artist is unsigned, but is on the right path of signing a big deal.  Wealthy Habits Entertainment plans on working with this talented artist sometime in the future. 

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