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Tim Emini- Tim Emini, also known widely as "Tim Celebrity", is the founder of Wealthy Habits. This guy contributes a phenomenal role to any group. This man's job in the business is making sure the group is performing up to their expectations, and that everything happens in a timely fashion. He leads his artists down the path to success, and for him, failure is not an option. Tim knows the right people at the right places. He always knows and plans the group's next big moves, and not only does he dream for big things in the future, he's one to put those dreams and turn them into reality.
No moves within the group are made without passing through Tim. This busy guy is always on the run making moves to benefit his crew. There's no way he can fit every person who hits him up into his schedule. If you don't happen to run into this man while at work, he's either in the studio with his upcoming artists, or downtown clubbing. Anything you can think of to do, Tim Celebrity can most likely make it happen. And I hope you enjoy riding top down, because you won't catch him missing a nice day with the top up on his Porsche Boxster. His help and guidance could lead anyone on a path of success and riches. There is no “hit or miss” with Tim Celebrity. Only hits.